Psychotherapy for perfectionists

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My book, The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Reduce Anxiety and Get Things Done, is available now!  Perfectionism Workbook for Teens book coverNamed by "A Mighty Girl" as an "essential guide for girls in middle school, high school, and beyond!"

Do you have a stubborn feeling of “not good enough” that follows you from work to relationships to family? Does your mind race with thoughts about what you could have done better, or how you disappointed someone?

Other people tell you that you work so hard, achieve so much… But your inner critic says it is not enough. Sometimes you respond to this voice by putting in a mountain of time and effort, but that never actually eases the self-criticism. Other times you become so paralyzed by the anxiety that you can’t even start work projects, make phone calls, or go out to social events.

It seems like everyone else got a manual on how to do all this — manage stress, connect with people, live life, feel good about yourself at the end of the day. It’s still eluding you though, no matter how many  TED talks on happiness and self-compassion you watch.  

There is another way to live, a way to be ambitious and successful without being miserable, stressed out, self-critical.

Together, we can figure out how to manage the anxiety that stops you from living your life. I can help you find new ways of talking to yourself, to get relief from your harsh inner critic voice. You can feel at peace with your thoughts and your emotions.

Imagine laying down in bed at night, reviewing your day, and feeling calm, relaxed, satisfied. Imagine feeling “good enough.” Call now to take the first step to feeling better.

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