Psychotherapy for perfectionists

Ann Marie Dobosz

You’ve been feeling anxious or paralyzed for a while now. You are hard on yourself in the best of times, but when the stress piles on, your inner critic goes into overdrive. You try to think ten steps ahead, you worry about making mistakes, your mind races with thoughts of what you could have done better or how you disappointed someone. 

The things you used to do to power through these feelings aren’t working anymore… in fact, they’re making things worse. You long to feel comfortable in your own skin but you just can’t seem to get there. When you try to reduce your fears you seem to feed them instead. You feel stuck in your anxiety or depression. 

Therapy can help. I can help.

I can’t surgically remove pain and discomfort from your life, but I can help you find new and healthier ways to respond to the challenges life throws you. Together we can change the way you handle the difficulties coming from the external world — unrelenting stress at work, perplexing relationship issues, exhaustion and fear about the state of the world. And we can change the way you answer the calls coming from inside the house too — quiet down those inner voices shouting endless self-criticisms or perfectionist demands. You can have more of the calm, delight, connection, creativity, and energy you’ve been wanting. 

Maybe you’ve been reluctant to try therapy, or your past experiences haven’t been that helpful. Finding the right fit for you isn’t always easy. If what you’re reading on this web site is resonating with you, there’s a good chance I can help you find your way out of the hole you’ve fallen into — I know a few different ways out. 


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I offer video sessions to clients in California and Massachusetts, as well as in-person sessions in my Northampton, MA office. 



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