Psychotherapy for perfectionists

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My book, The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Reduce Anxiety and Get Things Done, is available now! Perfectionism Workbook for Teens book coverNamed by "A Mighty Girl" as an "essential guide for girls in middle school, high school, and beyond!"

Struggling with anxiety about a challenging, confusing world, and uncertain future? You are hard on yourself in the best of times, but when the stress piles on, your “inner critic” has gone into overdrive. You’re trying to think ten steps ahead, you’re worried about making mistakes, your mind is racing with thoughts of what you could have done better or how you disappointed someone. You’re trying to be “perfect” but you don’t even know what rules we’re all playing by anymore. 

Maybe you’re responding to all this by going into “doing mode,” staying constantly busy to try to distract yourself from your thoughts and emotions. Maybe you’re paralyzed by indecision and uncertainty. Maybe you are bouncing back and forth between those two states.

Buddhists have a saying: pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. There is no way to surgically remove stress or discomfort from your life, but you can choose healthy ways to respond to that pain, ways that allow for more calm, delight, connection, creativity, energy. If your suffering is preventing you from having fulfilling relationships, succeeding at work, sleeping, or making the best of your life in any way, therapy can help. 

I can help you find new ways of responding to your anxiety and your inner critic. Together, we can figure out how to manage the anxiety that stops you from living your life. I can help you find new ways of talking to yourself, to get relief from your harsh inner critic voice. You can feel at peace with your thoughts and your emotions.

Getting through tough times means looking out for your mental and emotional well-being as much as your physical health.  Call now to take the first step to feeling better.

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I offer phone and video sessions to clients in California and Massachusetts.



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