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Healthy Compartmentalizing

As I write this there is a lot going on, and I’m having all sorts of feelings about it. Black Americans being murdered by police and vigilantes, protests, people pissed off about protests, folks struggling from economic and mental health effects of sheltering in place for months, COVID 19 deaths passing 100,00 with no vaccine […]

What’s the Point of Feeling Emotions?

What’s the point of feeling emotions? Especially ones you might find difficult, distasteful, even scary. You might be thinking, “I don’t want to wallow in sadness,” or “I don’t want to get stuck in anger and not get out of it.” We have a lot of fears about emotions, and spend a lot of time […]

It’s OK to Be Angry and Sad Right Now

Emotions are running high post-election. You may be feeling disappointed, shocked, scared, angry, or saddened by the results on November 8. If you’re like me, you’ve heard a lot of well-meaning people trying to talk you out of your emotions. I’ve been told I need to stop feeling sad, or that being angry won’t help. […]

“Good” Vs “Bad” Anger

Anger has a bad reputation in our culture. It’s considered toxic by some, for others it brings up bad memories of family shit, for others it is entangled with violence. But anger has a purpose, and — when expressed appropriately — has an important place in relationships. First, let’s differentiate between anger that is a […]