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Three Ways to Combat Beginning-of-the-School-Year Perfectionism

Want a free copy of my new book, The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens? Enter the Goodreads Giveaway! Starting a new school semester? Perfectionism loves to show up at this time of year to create impossibly high expectations, unrelenting anxiety, and debilitating self-criticism. Here are three ways perfectionism gets in the way — and what you […]

Fear of Feeling

“So much of [what] leads individuals to seek therapy can be traced to the terror of affect. People disconnect from their emotional experience, afraid of being overwhelmed, humiliated, or revealed as inadequate by the force of feelings, only to pay the price later in depression, isolation, and anxiety.” –Diana Fosha, founder of AEDP Fear of […]

Happiness vs Perfectionism

Perhaps you read that article about how having a first child brings about as much unhappiness as getting fired or divorced. It’s not that surprising when you think of it — for all the joys of having a baby, there is also sleep deprivation, stress, and the feeling that you don’t know what the hell […]

Who are you without your anxiety?

On face value, it seems like a simple equation: depression and anxiety are making my life painful, so I want to reduce or get rid of those feelings. But change is rarely simple. When you are working to change entrenched patterns, you almost inevitably come up against a particular roadblock: fear of who you will […]

Treating Depression with Therapy Instead of Medication

Medication is helpful for some people some of the time, but often people come to me after trying anti-depressants and seeing very little difference. What can therapy provide that pills can’t? Check out this great piece in the New York Times to learn more about how therapy — and specifically accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP) […]