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Therapy during COVID-19 (part 2)

While we may need to stay six feet or farther away from each other physically right now, we also need to find ways to come closer together socially, emotionally, and spiritually. That starts with keeping your mind and heart healthy, so that you are available to connect with and help those around you.  We all […]

Eight Tips to Make the Most of Online Therapy

Here in San Francisco, we’ve all been “sheltering in place” for at least a week now. We’re trying to settle into the new normal, even as we also expect that things will keep changing and creating a constantly evolving sense of normal.  Part of that change has been a switch from in-person therapy to online […]

The problem with text therapy

You’ve probably seen the ads for Talkspace, Betterhelp, and other digital therapy services meant to “disrupt” the therapy world. Maybe they even sound good to you — a bargain price, and access to your therapist whenever you want instead of at a set appointment time each week. But with anything, there’s a shadow side, a […]

Leave Your Phone In Your Pocket

You have a few spare moments while you are standing in line, waiting for a bus, riding in a taxi, whatever. So you pull out your phone. You tell yourself that you’re being productive and efficient by using these moments to check email or respond to texts. But if you are honest with yourself, productivity […]