Six Steps to Death

My new book, The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens, is available now! To celebrate, I am running a five-part series highlighting some concepts from the book. I’ll talk about some different ways perfectionists struggle, and offer some tools for change. (By the way, although my book is technically aimed at teens, a lot of the tools work for adults too, and these blogs posts will focus on ideas for grownups.) This week’s post is about catastrophizing.


Catastrophizing is one of those things that can stop you before you get started, take a perfectly good idea or ambition and make it vanish into thin air. What happens is this: you notice a desire to say, write a blog post. Immediately your inner perfectionist starts weighing in with its worries and predictions… you don’t have anything original to say… your writing isn’t good enough… you’ll embarrass yourself… no clients are going to call after reading this crap… your career with wither away… you won’t be able to pay your bills… you’ll end up penniless and alone. Now feeling anxious and hopeless, you close your laptop and walk away. No blog post ever gets written.

What the hell just happened?

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