The Perfectionism Workbook

 The Perfectionism Workbook is available now!



I specialize in helping perfectionists. In my therapy practice I work with a lot of people — of all ages — struggling with feeling anxious and never good enough. I wrote The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Reduce Anxiety and Get Things Done (New Harbinger, 2016) so I could reach even more people who want to let go of feeling self-critical. Aimed at teens, the exercises can be used by people of any age who are looking to change their relationships to their “inner perfectionists.” Inside the book you’ll learn how to:

  • Get to know your “inner perfectionist” and how it’s trying to help you
  • Find new tools for accomplishing your goals without making yourself miserable
  • Lower anxiety through mindfulness, journaling, and other evidence-based techniques
  • Address procrastination, avoidance, and other common perfectionist habits
  • Celebrate your strengths!


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