Ready to make some changes in the way you handle your life, in the way you talk to yourself, in the way you feel?

There are a lot of different styles of therapy out there. Like many therapists, I am trained in a number of theories and techniques, and I pull from all of them to create an individualized approach that is suited to you.

Mindfulness. I practice a mindfulness-based therapy, which means I help you slow down and listen to your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations so you can understand yourself more fully. I help you feel curious, nonjudgmental, and accepting towards your inner world, instead of constantly searching for some “right” way you “should” be feeling. 

Self parts. I help you hear what all the different parts of you are saying, from that inner critic to the hidden scared kid inside to the wise core self that knows what to do. Together we help figure out which voices can guide you in the directions you want to go, and which voices are steering you in less healthy or helpful directions. 

Creativity. The more senses and parts of your brain you engage in the therapy process, the more effective it is. Talking about your thoughts can help some, but so can paying attention to the images that pop into your mind’s eye, noticing metaphors that sneak into your language, even remembering dreams. Therapy can be a safe place to let loose a creative side that has been longing for some attention. 

Strengths. Yes, you are in therapy to work on problems. But that doesn’t mean every minute of every session has to be focused on what’s wrong. I help you find your strengths, the moments when things went well, the times you tried something different from your usual way of doing things. We uncover what makes it so uncomfortable for you to feel proud of yourself or celebrate your wins, so your inner world is not all self-criticism. 

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I am not offering couples therapy at this time.

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