Want to Do New Year’s Resolutions Differently?

Are you making pledges or promises to yourself this year? How did it go last year? There are a lot of tips out there for how to keep your resolutions, but I am more interested in what happens when you don’t achieve your goal….or when you have a setback, make a mistake, slip up. Do you beat yourself up, fall into a perfectionist hole, call yourself names? Do you give up your goal due to one setback? Or do you double down, increase your efforts to the point where you make yourself (and everyone around you) miserable? If resolutions are a source of misery for you, consider attending this workshop next month: A New Way to Do New Year’s Resolutions.

In this workshop you will:

  • Find better ways to motivate yourself to keep your resolutions
  • Discover how to be driven and goal-oriented while also feeling relaxed and happy
  • Learn more about the misconceptions around ambition, compassion, and criticism
  • Develop simple and effective ways to change the way you talk to yourself

New Year’s resolutions do not have to lead to self-criticism and feeling terrible about yourself. Learn to keep your resolutions with kindness instead of criticism.

Break the cycle of never feeling good enough.

Saturday February 7, 2015, 10:30am to 1:00pm
Cost: $90

Early bird discount for registrations before January 19, 2015:  $70

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